ALUVISION sustainable structures

The rental of ALUVISION sustainable structures for the assembly of design stands has reached Premium as one of the great novelties of 2023.

Inauguración nueva sede en Madrid

Plastic and fabric furniture for your events

In this blog we will show you different families of furniture that have more success in summer events. In addition, we will explain why and some of the advantages of using these materials. 

The importance of lighting

In the following post we give you a series of tips and proposals to fill your event with the best lighting adapted to your needs.

The elegance of transparent furniture

If you are organizing an event and want to differentiate yourself by adding a touch of originality and elegance with the furniture you offer, read our blog below. 

Outdoor furniture

Are you organizing an outdoor event and don't know what type of furniture is the best option? Here we explain a series of tips.

Design styles for your event IV

You have an event nearby and you want it to be romantic and nostalgic... the vintage style is what your space needs.

Mobile World Congress 2022

Between February 28 and March 3, the Mobile World Congress 2022 was held at Fira Barcelona.

Design styles for your event III

If you wont your space to be innovate and follow current trends... Minimalist style is for you!

New furniture for your events

We expand our furniture catalog! Do not miss the new proposals that we bring for the big events of this 2022.