Floorcoverings are an irreplaceable component of any event. While the rugs at home serve primarily as comfort and design component, at events they combine multiple functions at once. Colorful and diverse, they can represent the corporative look of the organizer, distinguish the different areas of the congress and even indicate the directions of the walking for the visitors. (Which in current times is extremely useful)

In this article we give you some directions regarding the most common floorcoverings and how to choose the best kind according to your event´s specific needs.

·         Artificial Grass – perfect for exterior events and chill out areas. There are different types of arterial grass available on the market, which can vary in density of the strokes or the thickness itself. There are some products that look realistic and beautiful and are very soft to walk on even barefoot, which makes them perfect for kid´s events as well. The biggest advantage is that they are usually installed as roll ups and can cover any surface. Another advantage is that they are waterproof and don´t mold in case of getting wet.



·         Roll-up ferial carpets – the most common solution for fairs and congresses, these carpets are thin, refined and come in variety of colors. They are perfect to use for the corridors between the stands or for red carpet events. The textures can vary according the specific budget, the cheapest being very thin and the more-high class range offering more density and thicknes.


·         Carpet tiles - the carpet tiles are textile squares of 50x50cm or 1x1m and are up to date, the most eco-friendly solution for events. They are made from recycled material and in difference with the previous options, can be used multiple times for different events. When they are amortized, they get recycled into new ones, which converts them in a very sustainable solution in the long term. They come in 16 different colors and the best part is you can create different mosaics and this way mark directions, differentiate the functional areas of the event or simply create funny designs. You can check some examples here.



·         Custom printed floorcoverins – for the most exquisite tastes, this options allows you to have pretty much any kind of image or pattern printed on the carpet. The image is printed upon the material through high-technology printer, which makes it possible for you to have anything including your logo printed upon the floor.



There are other less popular options such as vynils, laminates or even rubber. No matter which option you decide to choose, make sure to synchronize the colors of the venue with the furniture and the floorcoverings in order to achieve perfect symphony in all aspects of the design. Floor coverings are beautiful and classy solution for events and besides the many visual advantages they add to your event, they also provide acoustic and comfort for your assistants.

You can check out our full range of floor coverings here.