How to engage your assistants to be part of the event sustainability campaign

Events are about creating impact. The impact on the business itself, the reaching of certain goals or public and establishing long-term relationships with the customer. But isn´t it about time we ask ourselves what is the impact that really matters?

 In the context of overconsuming, drain of recourses and climate change isn´t the best impact to inspire a positive behaviour change in the long term? In the last two articles, we focused on the ways you could make your event more sustainable in terms of planning, recycling, venue and providers. Today our focus would be – as it is at any modern event - on the assistants themselves; The steps you could take to engage them in your sustainability campaign and how to inspire them to talk more about this topic, to incorporate eco-friendly habits and in general, to be part of the change we all need to see.

Provide information

The first step is to keep them informed. After you have created your sustainability strategy, make sure you communicate it to your assistants through an online newsletter or by creating a special tab in your event website, where you inform of all the steps you are taking in order to make your event greener. Invite them to give suggestions through filling a special form, thus making them feel part of the event even before it has already started. People are generally more attracted to stories rather than statements, so create a story for your event, fill it with purpose greater than the main commercial goal.

On site Activities

Most events nowadays include entertainment program, some at the end of the event, some merged in-between, depending of the general format. Besides the standard coffee break session or the trip to the local sightseeing’s, you could include go-green activity like planting a tree or a waste recycling competition. Transform the waste management process into a fun game – for example you can divide the assistants on groups and each group could have a goal to collect either plastic/glass or paper waste. See which team has collected the most and set a winner. Don´t forget to stimulate the winner team with a small prize. People are moved by positive messages, so engaging them into a meaningful activity and spreading awareness would certainly give you good results.


There is a slight psychological aspect to stimulation, praising and complimenting. These forms of constructive leadership always inspire people to perform better. Which is why, after you have created and executed your campaign, it might be a good idea to give your assistants a sustainability certificate – a document you designed, acknowledging that they have been part of a sustainable event. On the long term, these small details will generate you more engagement and people will talk about it.

People want to perform good. They want to feel they are part of something bigger and meaningful. Creating a platform at your event that allows them to do so is a great way for you to achieve your goals, both commercial and in terms of sustainability. So be brave, creative and positive and the results won´t disappoint.