In the case of outdoor events, there are several aspects that you have to take into account. The climate affects when choosing the most suitable fabric, vegetable fibers and wood are the most recommended options for their elegance, warmth and timelessness.

Premium recommends you use the pallet sofa or bench with cushion. It is a very successful choice thanks to its possibility of removing the cushions and, in addition, the pallets are recycled from our warehouses!

If you want an extra, you can add an outdoor plant to the terrace, such as lavender, hydrangeas, geraniums or carnations, which will help create a more natural and relaxed atmosphere, full of life. If you want any more details, Premium can offer you the 43x43 B&W geometric cushion, which will add extra comfort and a great decorative effect to the environment.

We all love good weather and sunbathing on the terrace, but in excess it can bother us, that is why it is recommended to use umbrellas, such as the Cancun umbrella that we have available in our catalog.

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