On June 15, the national edition of the Iberian Mice Forums was inaugurated in Sitges, Catalonia, where Premium participated as a sponsor of the event, providing furniture and carpet for the different areas. The platform is known as an organizer of networking events in the MICE sector.

Ángeles Moreno, Director of The Creative Dots; Iñaki Collado, President of the Association of Incentive Agencies, Javier Batanero, Director of Marketing, e-commerce and Digital Transformation at Shared-C and María Gómez, President of the Association of Event Managers of Spain (EMA), were the protagonists of the panel made in the incomparable setting of Finca Mas Solers. The members of the Board of Directors of the EMA, Pilar Jiménez and Rafael Grande, were in charge of moderating the debate.

The panel, held during the thirtieth edition of the Iberian MICE Forums, highlighted the importance of renewing the Event Manager business model so that it can offer new and better services that strengthen the marketing strategies of companies.

"We are looking for a business model that is not the one we have been using for two decades, but one that is scalable, adaptable, sustainable, resilient. Therefore, we need a new value proposition, as well as new solutions and services for our clients", he stressed. through an explanatory video Óscar Cerezales, Global Executive President of the Corporate Division of Grupo MCI.

María Gómez, President of the EMA, an association that brings together 320 corporate event organizers from the most important companies in the country, stressed that the event organizer needs to use digital tools such as e-mail marketing and also know about strategies of communication that enhance the value and commitment of the event.

“Events should be content generators and should have clear objectives. If we do an event as part of a campaign we must understand the KPIs (results). What does it give you to know that you have sent 2,000 invitations and that only 20 have registered? The Event Manager must know this, they must be integrated into the marketing or communication team to give this feedback”, comments María Gómez.

At the level of business consulting, Ángeles Moreno commented that the Event Manager must change the idea that the event has a purely social value and begin to highlight its role as a business tool, for this he needs to assume a leadership role within companies and focus on obtaining data that benefits the purpose, strategy and return on investment of the event.

"You have to take on a leadership role, clearly understanding what your purpose is in the organization and position yourself as a person who understands how to make the event's stakeholders grow with the events and add value back to the organization," said Ángeles Moreno, founder of The Creative Dots.

The two-day event was attended by more than 150 event professionals, who were received by the Mayor of Sitges, Aurora Carbonell i Abella; Luis Miguel García Alcaraz, First Deputy Mayor, Councilor for Institutional Relations and Councilor for Tourism; María Sánchez Quintana, head of the Sitges Convention Bureau, Cristina Muñoz, Director of Finca Mas Solers and Andrés Merino, Founder and Director of Iberian MICE Forums.

The organizers of corporate events, companies and suppliers present, took advantage of the occasion to participate in leadership workshops, discover unique venues of various Spanish destinations and establish alliances for the reactivation of the sector.

The IMF Sitges National Edition featured destination presentations, an inspiring motivational talk by Francisco Unda, intense one-to-one dating sessions, a gastronomic tapas team building and a catamaran ride along the coastline of the destination.

The event was an injection of optimism and good feelings regarding the imminent reactivation of the national MICE sector.

Credits: www.iberianmiceforums.com