The Premium team is at your disposal for any ephemeral event, congress or fair, demonstrating day by day that we can meet any challenge.

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Consultancy, design and management

Our professionals have expertise in strategic planning, design, architecture, marketing, communication, event management and budgeting. From the start of the event to its conclusion, we are there to deal with any eventuality and ensure that everyone attending the event enjoys a smooth experience.

On site management

Our logistics team is responsible for the delivery, installation and collection of all our products and equipment required for the event. They ensure that every element is in perfect condition and in the right place, always with efficiency and attention to detail to guarantee on-time delivery during set-up.


Our team's why we exist is to realise our clients visions and exceed their expectations. That is why each member plays an essential role in creating successful and memorable events, with services that go beyond the conventional. Experience, excellence and innovation are our keys to achieving a premium service.

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Our mission statement

At PREMIUM we are clear about the values that make up our mission and our vision: what moves us, what we like and what shapes our identity.

Our mission is based on providing support to event venues and all companies in the sector, with the focus on being the reference in the organisation of events to promote the economic, cultural and social development of their area of influence with a comprehensive solution for the design of spaces and the supply of furniture, carpeting and components for stands.

Our vision

Our vision, on the other hand, leads us to generate economic activity that stimulates the productive sectors and contributes to the creation of employment, wealth, well-being and added value for the city or region concerned.

The basis for achieving these objectives are fundamental values governed by responsibility, commitment, humility and spirit of service, and integrated into all phases of our activity.

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