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Premium is the leading company in the rental of furniture, floor coverings, ephemeral architecture for stands and sustainable solutions for trade fairs, congresses, corporate events and celebrations.

Our logistical capacity and the volume of stock we hold allow us to be part of the most important European events, and make us a guarantee of success and security for our clients. Our team, made up of people with extensive experience in the sector, helps you to plan and achieve your objectives with each project.

We have three offices in Barcelona, Madrid and Seville which, with the collaboration of our partners in Europe, allow us to be the ideal partner throughout the continent.

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Sustainable trends in the events sector

In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, demand for sustainable furniture is on the rise. Event organizers are looking for options that are not only visually appealing, but also environmentally friendly. Our events demand meticulous attention to every detail, from furniture to carpet choice. In this article, we explore the most recent trends in these aspects, enhancing the commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Furniture trends

Sustainable materials

At PREMIUM we are committed to new materials to increase our ECOSPHERE product line. These materials, which come from a recycling process, are part of reusable products that, after their useful life, can be recycled again to form a perfect Cradle to Cradle circle.

Versatility and Modularity

Versatility has become a key feature in event design. Organizers need pieces that fit a variety of settings and styles. Furniture, which can be easily configured and reconfigured as needed, is gaining popularity. This flexibility allows event planners to create dynamic and functional spaces that can adapt to any occasion. Premium offers furniture with special features that guarantee total flexibility of the spaces where they are placed, allowing configuration changes in a matter of minutes. In addition to furniture, Premium provides its clients with logistics and planning services to facilitate these changes, thus creating an amazing impact on clients.

Integrated Technology

The integration of technology into furniture is transforming the event experience. From tables with wireless charging for electronic devices to furniture with smart LED lighting, technology is present everywhere. This type of furniture not only adds a modern touch to the event, but also provides additional amenities for attendees, such as the ability to charge their devices while they enjoy the event. Technology is also present in the event execution processes. PREMIUM offers its clients an exclusive application that allows them to track in detail their orders and the progress of the event assembly in real time. With this application, clients can know what stage each order is in and the percentage of assembly progress, giving them a clear and up-to-date view of the status of their events.


Carpet trends

Sustainable Carpet

As in the case of furniture, sustainability is also reaching the world of carpets for events. Increasingly, sustainable materials are being used in the manufacture of carpets, such as recycled or biodegradable fibers. In addition, production processes are being optimized to reduce resource consumption and minimize environmental impact. This is the case of PREMIUMs Sustainable Carpet, which complies with the concept of sustainability found in the Companys DNA, is reusable and recyclable and provides better comfort and experience to event attendees.

Custom designs

Custom carpets are a growing trend in the events industry. Organizers look for options that allow them to create unique and memorable environments, adapted to the theme and identity of the event. Thanks to advances in printing technology, it is possible to design carpets with custom patterns, logos and colors, adding a unique touch to any space.

Ease of installation and maintenance

Comfort and practicality are important considerations when choosing carpets for events. New advances in design and manufacturing have made carpets easier to install and maintain than ever. From adhesive-free installation systems to carpets treated with stain and dirt repellent technologies, organizers have a wide range of options at their disposal that make carpet management easier and more efficient.

Innovative services

In addition to furniture and carpet trends, the events industry is also seeing an evolution in terms of services offered. Teams of Event Managers and Project Managers are available to assist in the planning and execution of events, ensuring that everything goes as planned and established objectives are met. The design of plans, 3D models and renders allows organizers to visualize the event space before it takes place, facilitating decision making and communication with suppliers and clients. In addition, having product selection specialists can make the difference when choosing the most appropriate furniture and carpet for each occasion, ensuring that the event is a success from all points of view.


In conclusion, the world of event furniture and carpet is undergoing a transformation driven by sustainability and innovation. From environmentally friendly options to specialized services that make event planning and execution easier, there is a wide range of options available for organizers looking to create memorable and successful experiences. By embracing these new trends and services, industry professionals can be sure they are offering the best to their clients and contributing to a more sustainable future for the events industry as a whole.

Premium Renews Its Biosphere Certificate for 2024

We demonstrated it last year, but in 2024, we reaffirm our commitment to sustainable practices by renewing the Biosphere certificate.

Our Actions Make Us Worthy of the Biosphere Certification

To achieve this, we have continued to implement our manual of best practices, which includes various actions to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment.

Sustainable Products and Practices

In our day-to-day operations, we adhere to the principle of maximizing space usage, thereby reducing travel and pollution. Additionally, we now have a gas truck that further decreases the impact of our operations.

Furthermore, our catalog includes sustainable products to extend this philosophy to our customers. A prime example is the Ephymere line: a system for mounting temporary architecture with modular structures, 100% recyclable and reusable.

Our environmental consciousness is evident not only in our services but also in our office. The expansive windows that illuminate it from wall to wall are a clear example, enabling us to harness natural light. Recycling and water usage optimization with aerators to regulate it are additional actions that contribute to the whole.

CSR Actions

But these are not the only ones!

The entire Premium team is committed to the cause and participates in Corporate Social Responsibility actions that contribute to a better world. Some examples?

  • The Net Zero smart seal, with which we offset CO2 emissions by planting trees.
  • Activities to combat climate change such as the Oxfam Intermon 100 km race and Let’s Clean Up Besòs, focused on raising awareness to prevent waste generation through habit changes.
  • Our own model where, every month, we make a contribution to third-sector entities to support beneficial causes for society and the environment.
  • Our Responsible Tourism Policy to ensure sustainable management of our activities.

Once again, we renew our Biosphere certification to demonstrate that #ThepossibilitiesareEndless and reaffirm an unwavering commitment.

Expansión echoes the growth of Premium and the opening of its two new headquarters

Undoubtedly, the past year has been exceptional for us: a Premium year that we want to reflect upon. This is highlighted in the recent article by Expansion, published on January 3, detailing the significant achievements we have reached.

Vibrant times of fairs and events before the pandemic

Before the 2020 pandemic, the fairs and events sector in Spain vibrated with dynamism and vitality. It was a time of sustained growth thanks to a wide variety of celebrations: renowned specialized fairs, festivals, business conventions, international conferences, product launches, and various corporate events

Business momentum: Networks and businesses flourishing at events

In this context, business interaction and collaboration were energetically boosted as these events provided unique platforms for idea exchange, networking, and business growth. 

Specialized fairs such as the Mobile World Congress or FITUR stood out for bringing together professionals from specific sectors, fostering innovation and development in key areas of the economy. These events were not only showcases for products and services but also crucial opportunities to establish strategic alliances and close business deals.

Festivals, mainly in cinema and music, not only attracted culture enthusiasts but also generated significant commercial synergies. Sponsor brands and companies leveraged these events to creatively promote their products and connect with diverse audiences.

Business conventions and international conferences acted as catalysts for global collaboration. Entrepreneurs, opinion leaders, and experts gathered to share knowledge, explore investment opportunities, and discuss challenges and emerging trends in their respective industries.

Product launches and corporate events, on the other hand, allowed companies to present innovations and developments to a select audience, creating anticipation and building a positive brand image.

The synergy between all these events strengthened businesses and contributed to economic development, creating an environment conducive to innovation and collaboration. However, the pandemic brought an abrupt change to this landscape, challenging the events industry to reinvent itself and adapt to new realities.

Times of transformation: The impact and resurgence of the fairs and events industry in Spain

The pandemic caused an unprecedented paralysis in the fairs and events sector, resulting in a significant economic impact. On the other hand, subsequent restrictions and uncertainty forced a reevaluation of strategies, challenging the industry to adapt in an agile and transformative manner.

Driven by the reactivation of the events and congress sector

With the return to normalcy, the reactivation of the events sector became a key catalyst for our growth. Hard work, industry knowledge, and the ambition to improve were crucial in this restart. 

With prominent clients such as IFEMA, Fira de Barcelona, and the Mobile World Congress, we focused our gaze on the future. We launched initiatives such as the growing offer of event solutions, comprehensive service for clients, the replacement of wooden stands with aluminum frames, and international expansion.

Exceptional growth: Achievements 2022-2023

An indication of our growth is that, in 2022, revenue tripled compared to the previous year. The goal? To continue leading the sector’s recovery with new ideas and actions, offering a 360º proposal that convinces major clients.

Innovation and commitment to our clients

We presented our comprehensive event service through 360º solutions that ensure the efficient execution of each phase of the project. The aim was to unify stand design services, furniture and carpet rentals, and assembly and disassembly, with our project manager coordinating execution to ensure the success of each event. 

With differentiated business lines like Eventure, Koverall, Ephymere, and Ecosphere, we are already able to meet clients’ needs and provide the image and functions they envision for each of their events.

2023: A year of unprecedented results

Over the past year, we have opened offices in Madrid and Seville and already have partners in more than ten European cities.

Strategic expansion: New horizons in 2024

This strong position in the national market also gives us the ability to explore new opportunities. Looking ahead, there are ambitious plans for internationalization. 

The decision, expected by mid-year, will evaluate entering the southern France market, identified as promising, or opening our own base in Portugal, where we already have a presence. This strategic approach reflects our global vision and determination to explore new horizons.

Behind these achievements, highlighted in Expansión, is hard work and constant commitment to providing our clients with Premium solutions. Proud to have been part of their events and contributed to the success of each one, we are ready to continue proving that #ThePossibilitiesAreEndless!

Summary of a 2023 of events

Premium, a finalist in the Delta Awards 2023: Celebrating design excellence and sustainability

These days, the Delta Awards, the prestigious competition co-organized by the municipalities in the Delta del Llobregat area, have been celebrated, and Premium has been named a finalist. Although we did not win, the nomination is a testament to our commitment to excellence and sustainability.

The Delta Awards

Since its first edition over two decades ago, the Delta Awards have been a prominent platform to support and recognize excellence in design and business initiatives in the region.

This biennial event, supported by the municipalities of Viladecans, Castelldefels, El Prat de Llobregat, Gavà, and Sant Boi de Llobregat, acknowledges the crucial role of these businesses in generating wealth in the industrial economy.

The award ceremony is more than a simple announcement of winners; it is a meeting point that highlights the energy and the wealth of the territory in the business sphere.

Delta Awards 2023: A commitment to sustainability

The Delta Awards not only recognize the dynamic role of business initiatives but, in this year’s competition, there was also a commitment to highlighting companies that promote practices aligned with sustainability.

The jury, composed of professionals and social agents committed to entrepreneurship and innovation, has recognized Premium as a finalist in this edition. Our participation in these awards is a testament to our dynamic role in the local economy and our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Commitment to sustainability: a Premium principle

In the context of the Delta Awards, we are proud that our sustainable approach has been recognized, reflected in the four business lines that revolve around this concept and are an integral part of our values: Eventure, Koverall, Ephymere, and Ecosphere.

Premium stands out for its comprehensive commitment to sustainability in events and fairs. Recognized with the Biosphere certification, our business model follows the principles of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We offer complete solutions, from sustainable carpets to reusable furniture in ten categories. The carpets, with the A-level Global Green Tag, and Aluvision structures for stands indeed demonstrate our preference for environmentally friendly products.

We want to thank the organizers of the Delta Awards and their jury for giving us the opportunity to participate in this celebration that rewards Premium values like ours. We also express our gratitude to our entire team, whose dedication and quality are reflected in every project we undertake.

With a focus on sustainability, at Premium, we prove again that #ThePossibilitiesAreEndless. Shall we talk?

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