Premium excels at ISE 2024


Premium once again proves that #ThePossibilitiesAreEndless at the ISE 2024 fair, which took place from January 30th to February 2nd in Barcelona. This world-leading event has set records this year with a 15% increase in visitors compared to its best edition: a total of 74,000 people.

Mike Blackman, the event’s managing director, asserts that “ISE 2024 not only reflects the cutting-edge technologies that define our industry, but also serves as a testament to the spirit of creativity and collaboration in the sector.” Faced with the level of this congress, at Premium, we have responded by deploying our entire catalog and offering a superior quality service organized into four distinct lines of business.

A Challenge Overcome Thanks to a Dedicated Team and “Premium” Event Solutions

The months leading up to this edition of ISE have been full of challenges, but we have successfully overcome them thanks to teamwork, professionalism, and commitment that characterize each person at Premium.

Sales representatives and project managers began working on the fair six months before its start date, and event managers joined efforts a month prior, especially in the five days leading up to it, to take care of the setup and dismantling of the spaces.

The result? We have promptly responded to all orders received just before the opening, surpassed the quantity of products served from the previous edition, and managed to be present in all pavilions.

Over 30,000 Products Served

The over 30,000 products we served at ISE 2024 demonstrate the success of our lines of business.

Specifically, we highlight the 4,400 chairs served, and the over 2,000 Asti chairs that have taken center stage within our catalog. What are some other models that have proven to be premium?

  • The Medola table has received over 430 orders, followed by the Cris, Milan, and Trend Mate models.
  • Refrigerators and microwaves have been the most rented items in our kitchen furniture section.
  • The Austin chair and the black Mulhacen chair have been the favorites in terms of office furniture.
  • The Orsay Alu counter, followed by the white Bern Alu counter, the Valls shelf, and the Zaragoza counter, have been the star products among all counters and shelves.
  • The Shell chair, although below the Asti model, has been rented 850 times.
  • The black Cairo sofa, the Umbría I armchair, and the Roma Bar and Patti stools, with 160 and 110 orders respectively, have also demonstrated their importance within our catalog.

In addition to these orders, we served over 500 meters of anthracite gray carpet in this edition of ISE, demonstrating the success of our Koverall line.

Logistics Optimization to Reduce Environmental Impact

Faced with the increase in rented products, we doubled the number of trips, but we made sure to distribute the furniture in trucks and trailers strategically to minimize environmental impact.

To mobilize a larger volume of products, we utilized the full loading capacity and used trailers in 80% of the trips.

ISE 2024 has been a success, but the year has only just begun. Premium is already prepared to demonstrate once again, this time at the MWC, that #ThePossibilitiesAreEndless !

Taburetes Lix y Mesas Quadrum como protagonistas en los jardines del ISE 2024Mobiliario Premium en los jardines exteriores del ISE 2024Sillas Torreon  - ISE 2024Elegancia y sofisticación de los sillones Burdeos en un espacio creado por Premium.

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