PREMIUM in Moto GP 2024 – Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya


Success for PREMIUM at the 2024 MotoGP Gran Premi de Catalunya! This is one of our most common and successful projects, along with F1, which are held every year at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. These two events allow us to install more than 15,000 square meters of carpet and 1,000 units of furniture.

Once again, they have placed their trust in us to offer our exceptional planning and installation solutions for furniture and carpet for large-scale events.


Challenges and Solutions

Diversity of Spaces

The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is a venue with a wide variety of spaces, each with unique dimensions, designs and characteristics. From VIP areas to press areas, hospitality spaces and spectator areas, every corner of the circuit requires meticulous and personalized attention.

To address this complexity, our in-house design team, using specialist software such as AutoCAD, works closely with event organizers to create bespoke solutions that perfectly fit each space. This includes creating specific layouts for each area, ensuring that all furniture and carpeting integrate harmoniously and functionally.


Complex internal logistics

One of the biggest challenges of this project is internal logistics. The difficulty of accessing and unloading the furniture, as well as the installation and gluing of the carpet, requires precise planning and impeccable execution.

Our logistics team excels in this aspect, designing a detailed action plan that allows for efficient delivery and assembly. We use specialized vehicles and transport equipment adapted to maneuver in small and difficult-to-access spaces. In addition, we implement a rigorous schedule that allows us to coordinate each phase of the project without interruptions, ensuring that each piece of furniture and each meter of carpet is in place in advance of the event.


Excellent execution

Carpet installation is a meticulous process. Our installation experts worked tirelessly to ensure that each length of carpet was perfectly adhered and aligned, providing a safe and aesthetically pleasing surface for attendees. Additionally, we made sure that the furniture was arranged in a way that maximizes the comfort and functionality of each space.


Experience and Specialization

With our extensive experience after many years managing events at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, at PREMIUM we are specialists in flexibility and the management of complex projects. Our ability to plan and coordinate with other vendors is crucial to the success of each event. This experience has allowed us to perfect our skills and offer a service of the highest quality, always ensuring the satisfaction of our clients.



The success achieved in the MotoGP of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is a palpable testimony of our dedication and ability to manage large-scale projects. Thanks to our team of highly trained professionals and careful planning, we transform significant logistical challenges into notable success stories.


In PREMIUM, we successfully completed the outstanding MotoGP championship, marked by exciting races and outstanding performances by the riders. We are proud to have contributed to the prestige of this event and look forward to continuing to offer innovative, high-quality solutions to our clients in the future.


With the same energy and enthusiasm, we now prepare for the great Formula 1 championship. This new challenge prompts us to redouble our efforts to ensure a vibrant and competitive competition like the previous one, providing fans with a spectacle of top-level speed and skill.


We estimate that in preparation for both events we will install approximately 15,000 square meters of carpet on the circuit and more than 1,000 units of furniture. This logistical effort reflects our commitment to ensuring that every detail is perfectly coordinated for the success of the event.



For more information about our furniture and carpet planning and installation services, please do not hesitate to contact us. At PREMIUM, we are always ready to make your most ambitious events a reality.

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