Premium Renews Its Biosphere Certificate for 2024

— 2024-02-22

We demonstrated it last year, but in 2024, we reaffirm our commitment to sustainable practices by renewing the Biosphere certificate.

Our Actions Make Us Worthy of the Biosphere Certification

To achieve this, we have continued to implement our manual of best practices, which includes various actions to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment.

Sustainable Products and Practices

In our day-to-day operations, we adhere to the principle of maximizing space usage, thereby reducing travel and pollution. Additionally, we now have a gas truck that further decreases the impact of our operations.

Furthermore, our catalog includes sustainable products to extend this philosophy to our customers. A prime example is the Ephymere line: a system for mounting temporary architecture with modular structures, 100% recyclable and reusable.

Our environmental consciousness is evident not only in our services but also in our office. The expansive windows that illuminate it from wall to wall are a clear example, enabling us to harness natural light. Recycling and water usage optimization with aerators to regulate it are additional actions that contribute to the whole.

CSR Actions

But these are not the only ones!

The entire Premium team is committed to the cause and participates in Corporate Social Responsibility actions that contribute to a better world. Some examples?

  • The Net Zero smart seal, with which we offset CO2 emissions by planting trees.
  • Activities to combat climate change such as the Oxfam Intermon 100 km race and Let’s Clean Up Besòs, focused on raising awareness to prevent waste generation through habit changes.
  • Our own model where, every month, we make a contribution to third-sector entities to support beneficial causes for society and the environment.
  • Our Responsible Tourism Policy to ensure sustainable management of our activities.

Once again, we renew our Biosphere certification to demonstrate that #ThepossibilitiesareEndless and reaffirm an unwavering commitment.

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