Ecosphere: Sustainable Systems and Products for Creating Spaces

— 2023-07-18

Having a stand or exhibition space that provides the desired ambiance and image is essential for the success of fairs and events. At Premium, we have taken a step further to continue demonstrating that we can handle everything. Would you like to create sustainable spaces with Ecosphere?

Ecosphere: Our Solution for Sustainable Stands

At Premium, we have extensive experience in solutions for events, ranging from designing and assembling spaces to furniture rentals. Now, we have gone a step further by creating our new business line, Ecosphere, focused on sustainable stands.

What is Ecosphere?

Ecosphere is the new sustainable exhibition system you will find at Premium. Its versatility allows the creation of all types of spaces, and its features enable us to care for the environment without sacrificing design, colour, and functionality at events.

What can you find in Ecosphere?

The Ecosphere line consists of:
  • Products for stands
  • Cardboard mounting systems for fairs and events
  • A wide variety of accessories: room dividers, photocalls, magazine racks, tables, etc.
In addition to this, we offer our regular services: space design, assembly and disassembly, project management, and furniture and carpet rentals. Like all our products, this new line comes with our Premium touch to ensure the success of your event.

Advantages of Ecosphere

One significant advantage of Ecosphere that we want to highlight is that it incorporates the three sustainability "Rs": recyclable, recycled, and reusable. However, it also offers other benefits that will impress you:
  • Competitive pricing: You don't need a significant investment to make your project shine.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble, with no need for additional elements.
  • Lightweight and compact material, making transportation and handling easy.
  • 100% printable, allowing for easy space customization.
  • Superior fire protection compared to regulatory standards.
Want to know more? Contact us to discover everything Ecosphere has to offer and work on a new concept of events centered around sustainability.

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